Ever Wonder Why YouTube Hasn’t Destroyed America’s Funniest Home Videos?

A lot more than five million people watch the show every Sunday because it is rather proficient at delivering what its audience wants.

The football game has ended. Your dinner is settling somewhere near your stomach. You’re flipping through channels on a Sunday night, looking for something to view when you go by America’s Funniest Home Videos. Wait…what? Is this a re-run from the ’90’s?

No, it isn’t. The show is currently in its 28th season. It runs Sunday nights on ABC where, having completed a lot more than 600 episodes, may be the longest-running primetime entertainment show on the network. It really is syndicated in over 50 countries and 193 territories all over the world. According to the LA Times, typically 5.5 million people watch this show weekly in the U.S. alone. Through the summer it consistently wins its time slot for the valuable 18-49 year later years group.

What gives? Have these folks ever heard of the web? How on the globe is this old-school show surviving — no, thriving — in this YouTube-Facebook Live-Twitter Periscope-Instagram-Snapchat-WhatsApp era? I am aware why people submit their videos — the winner, which is voted by the show’s audience, can leave with up to $100,000. But that still doesn’t answer fully the question of how this show continues to be on the air and how it attracts an incredible number of viewers weekly.

The answer is vital that you anyone seeking to start and grow a business. It’s about audience, and quality.

To begin with, we reside in a big country. There are a lot more than 330 million individuals who reside in the U.S. Oh and in addition, we reside in a big world where vast amounts of other folks also live. In 2018, everyone has their own tastes and, thankfully, we’ve many selections.

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Sure, online content has greatly reduced the quantity of newspaper subscribers, but you may still find an incredible number of readers (like me) who enjoy flipping through the Sunday Times that’s sent to my door. Hiphop music is incredibly popular, but so is classic rock. Veggie restaurants are the rage but millions still consume Big Macs weekly. Cargo shorts could be out of style, but like so a great many other nerdy dads I still put them on. For America’s Funniest Home Videos, the quantity of viewers has declined significantly because of the web, but 5.5 million isn’t bad at all, right?

Those 5.5 million people watch the show because…well…it’s good. Excellent. Silly. Funny. Goofy. Wholesome and family-oriented. It’s a getaway. Its videos have already been researched, vetted and served up by an employee of 40 people behind the scenes in order that we’re obtaining the best of the greatest, the silliest of the silliest. We reach match our opinions against the studio audience. We’re pleased to see the winners leave with the grand prize. That is a good product sent to a faithful audience.

How about what your business does? Will there be an audience? Of course there is. Are your really, excellent at everything you do? Of course you are.

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Being truly a blacksmith today isn’t what it used to be always a few century ago when everyone rode horses. But you may still find a lot of horses out there that require shoes. As an expert in Etruscan jewelry might not make you rich, however in a world as large as this, there are several people thinking about that kind of art. Selling dot-matrix printers is probably not a rise industry, but many companies (like airlines) still utilize them. I believe vinyl records appear to be crap in comparison to digital music but, hey, what do I understand? Apparently those crazy millennials appear to like that sort of thing, and many companies are responding.

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The wonder of owning a business today is that, like American’s Funniest Home Videos, if we’re really excellent at what we do, we are able to find an audience for our work. Select a niche, and do it well. So consider that the next time you’re flipping through channels on a Sunday night.

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