Ever DISCUSS Non-Work Stuff TOGETHER WITH YOUR Employees? Do It. THEY’LL Love You.

According to Gallup, 50 percent of individuals who leave employment do so because they would like to “move away from their manager." Ouch.

However when you dig deeper and read in to the survey responses, what folks are actually saying is that they need a better type of communication with their managers. If indeed they don’t get that, they leave.

Communicating together with your team openly, honestly and sometimes as a manager is crucial to retaining your very best people and keeping them motivated when the going gets tough. Easy to state, but harder to accomplish, right? Most surely, but I’ve found it takes merely a couple of things to transform yourself from an excellent manager right into a great leader.

Change the guidelines! Why Employer-Employee Friendships Work.

Don’t trust me? Try a handful of these over another month roughly:

Monthly, take each person on your own team out for a coffee, lunch or walk and discuss anything but work. Discuss their family, partner, hobbies, etc. and just ask questions. Here is the key strategy utilized by managers at Ev William’s (Twitter founder) Medium to build an incredible culture, as detailed here.

Every week, discover a way to ask everyone on your own team the best way to help them. Servant leadership — where you understand your task is to serve your team, not the other way around — will start the lines of communication and have them really discussing their challenges.

People find out more effectively whenever a lesson is told to them within a story. So rather than saying, “You must do X," use a tale by means of, “When I had that problem, I did so X."

Slice the boss talk and you need to be yourself. When things aren’t going well, tell the reality. If you have an idea to fix the problem, walk each person on your own team through your plan. In the event that you don’t, inform them you’re still figuring it out. Being unsure of where they stand and what’s likely to happen is among the worst feelings your employees can experience.

Are You a Manager or a Leader?

Will there be a person, process or team that constantly slows your team down? Take the time and remove that bottleneck. May be the bottleneck a person? Speak to them and explain how they’re slowing your team down. May be the bottleneck another team? Speak to that team’s manager. An activity? Change it out! Don’t accept the status quo, particularly when it involves company processes.

Geniunely value the well-being and happiness of every person on your own team. As an authentic leader means doing a lot more than just regular one-on-ones and strategy meetings. In the event that you put in your time and effort, it’ll be noticed — and discussed positively by your team.

I learned everything above as I built my previous company, Bigcommerce, from two different people to almost 500 employees within five years, raising $125 million on the way. Beginning with a cell-phone shop in Sydney, we could actually hire away executives from Google, PayPal, Twitter and Amazon as we built the business and created a culture that took on a (positive) life of its.

After finding my very own culture recipe, I made a decision to create a new company, PeopleSpark, to productize my learnings and help managers do just what I mentioned previously — communicate more openly, honestly and sometimes with each person on the team.

Whether you’re a CEO, director, manager or team lead, by the end of your day remember this — treat your team as people, and present everyone a safe way to talk about what’s on the minds. Then act on that feedback, and suggest to them you genuinely value them.

That’s it. You don’t have to read a management book or have a course. The easy things are the most efficient, especially when it involves being truly a great leader. At least that’s what I’ve learned through the years.

YOU SHOULDN’T BE the reason why People Leave Your Co

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