3 Must-Do’s You Should Complete Beyond the Interview to Vet That Potential New Hire

Criminal background checks, online searches and tests for candidates could be key practices if you are hiring.

Earlier this season, retail giant Target settled a $3.7 million discrimination lawsuit, as reported by USA Today . The suit alleged that Target’s criminal background-check process was biased against minority candidates. The litigation, spearheaded by the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, has since led Target to create an activity for the plaintiffs to either obtain jobs or get a cash award.

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The class action lawsuit centered around the experiences of two prospective Target employees. Both candidates received conditional employment offers after their interviews, but following criminal record checks, the offers were revoked. According to reports, the backdrop checks revealed misdemeanor convictions from a lot more than 20 years before, using one candidate’s record, and a ten-year-old felony drug conviction, on the other’s.

Both main plaintiffs’ lawyers said those revocations violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars practices with an unjustified and disproportionate effect on people because of the race or national origin.

Target’s reaction was that the events described in the event had taken place ten years before and that it has since improved its hiring practices. However the lawsuit still cost the retailer, in both financial and reputational terms.

The case illustrates why it’s quite crucial for entrepreneurs and their hiring managers to reexamine their own hiring practices. Choosing the best candidate for your open position is obviously important, but entrepreneurs hiring new employees must utilize tools beyond the normal police arrest records check and interview.

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A complete candidate-vetting process will include examining prospective employees out of every angle. Here are some things to bear in mind through the hiring process, including tips and resources to make sure the next hire is an ideal fit.

Regardless of the issues the prospective case illustrates, criminal background checks are still a fundamental element of the vetting process. But there are several perils to the procedure entrepreneurs ought to know about, as outlined on the Lemberg Law website.

Before conducting a check, for instance, hiring managers and entrepreneurs must explain, on paper, that they intend to use a candidate’s consumer report within their decision-making process. Hiring managers must receive written authorization so as to obtain that report.

Then, once a potential employer decides whether to employ the candidate, she or he must definitely provide the candidate with a copy.If these methods are not followed, the effect could be costly penalties and potential lawsuits.

Goodhire touts itself as a trustworthy background-check service that entrepreneurs and companies may use to vet future employees. And, there are a huge selection of other services offering value for entrepreneurs seeking to conduct criminal background checks for future employees, including these nine services supplied by Fundera.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter could be ruthless places. Stories of individuals being fired after their employers can see those individuals’ past offensive or nefarious posts are commonplace. Because of this, many employees are being more vigilant than ever before in what they post online — plus they should.

But social media accounts remain a good resource for hiring managers vetting candidates, and so are still an underutilized tool.

While everyone’s profile won’t include glaring warning flag like racist language or other offensive material, many profiles do include subtle clues in regards to a person’s attitude and work ethic. For instance, a person who frequently posts pictures of himself or herself partying is probably not an excellent fit for a straight-laced work place.

Conversely, a person with a dynamic social life may be an ideal fit for employment involving entertaining clients regularly.

Similarly, a straightforward Google search of the person’s name may also prove valuable, providing information regarding a person’s previous employer, news articles and even old personal websites the individual never took down. Context is important: An online search conducted ahead of an in-person interview can help the interviewer ask the proper questions.

Additionally, this potential employer shouldn’t stop with first page Google results, but explore, through pages 2 to 5 to watch out for pertinent buried information. Negative content can’t be removed completely but could be buried on later pages, so it is beneficial to keep digging if you are looking for information on a fresh hire.

Conversely, looking at Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn isn’t enough to glean information from a potential hire. It is critical to also search Instagram, AngelList and other social sites. AngelList shows a user’s work history and is a good indicator of how ordinarily a potential hire has changed jobs.

Quora is an instrument that can show what sort of new recruit’s mind works. On Quora, a user answers various questions, and you could review each of the information and answers see your face has posted.

Criminal background checks, online searches and interviews will get hiring managers only up to now. There are a large number of recruiting horror stories of companies hiring employees who proved never to be as advertised. Hiring may hinge to a big extent on a candidate’s degree of honesty; and digging right into a person’s past can reveal glaring issues. But other negative attributes such as for example personality flaws could be harder to suss out.

According to a 2014 report from the study and advisory consultant Gartner, 62 percent of human resource departments polled said they use personality tests to vet prospective employees. This type of tests give employers a deeper look at candidates; but of course, as anyone who’s ever taken a magazine quiz knows,it is simple to find out the answers which will impress an employer.

That is clearly a big reason hiring managers are embracing integrity or honesty tests. These tests determine various things about an employee’s behavior, ranging, on the most serious end, from if they may prove counterproductive or commit acts of "time theft" (taking long breaks) to if they may commit actual theft (stealing company funds).

Finding a highly effective integrity tests involves some research; not absolutely all of them are advertised. But, through the use of this tool, hiring managers can gain valuable insight about prospective employees. Here is a set of 14 personality tests, from The Muse, that may provide useful information.

Additionally, for positions that want hard skills, there are tools that any employer can utilize. For example, to employ a developer, the recruit could be given an assessment test that tests her or his skills (like these coding tests provided by Mettl). This sort of tests can prove invaluable and save a business owner time, energy and money knowing just what a recruit is with the capacity of before hiring.

Through the use of these pointers and resources, entrepreneurs can ensure they are hiring employees who certainly are a good fit for the company’s culture. The mantra which has never failed me is to fire fast and hire slow.

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In the end, an entrepreneur is as strong as her or his team,and hiring the proper candidate may be the key to continued s

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