Among this year’s most popular articles highlighted six of my predictions for content marketing in 2015.

While this post wasn’t wholly accurate (who can tell the near future perfectly?), most of the trends I touched upon did come to pass. What’s a lot more exciting is these patterns are actually dovetailing in interesting directions. Furthermore, during the period of the entire year I’ve noticed new movements starting to materialize.

Rather than highlighting what found pass from last years post, I wish to begin this season by looking ahead towards the entire year to come and outlining six completely new content marketing predictions for 2016.

Making predictions is quite difficult, especially in a field as complicated and as fast-paced as digital marketing. That said, I’ve noticed some trends emerging recently and believe they point toward the entire direction content marketing will be headed in 2015. Listed below are my predictions on the evolution of content marketing next year.

In the first days of the net, search engines were the principal way that folks discovered content online. Yahoo and google work by serving up the most relevant results predicated on keywords. However, this relevance wasn’t personalized initially, it was predicated on a judgment of relevance for the average indivdual.

Having trouble balancing your individual and professional lives? Here are several simple tips to assist you to regain equilibrium.

We’ve all found out about the importance of a wholesome work-life balance. But frequently, the advice stops there. This could be frustrating. How are entrepreneurs likely to accomplish that mythical balance? It’s insufficient merely to toss these tired maxims at us, as an old bone to a dog. What we are in need of are practical ideas, new tools inside our toolbox to greatly help us improve our businesses and, ultimately, ourselves.

Most of us define success differently. For a few, it might be the opportunity to buy a nice car or have a fabulous vacation. For others, it could mean having the capacity to give one’s family. I believe it’s important to take time to explicitly define what success methods to you. Not to mention, you don’t need to settle on just one single definition.

I’ve been doing some reflecting lately, because my youngest daughter is going to graduate college. It’s a thrilling time, but she’s also wracked with nerves, unsure of whether she’s making the proper decision to what she does next. Her decision-making process has me taking into consideration the choices I’ve made through the years — specifically, what actions have lead me to be the most happy in my own personal and professional life.

Whatever the brand new normal becomes, small-business owners will be at the forefront of shaping life as we realize it. Some trends will prove durable long beyond this time around.

Tigers will have kings. Grandmothers are requesting video meetings. Masks certainly are a fashion statement. Changes are coming quickly, somehow happening for all those simultaneously, despite our population never being more physically distant. This is a dizzying time. Among the groups most challenged by this torrent of societal shifts are smaller businesses. Doors have already been closed, plus some might not reopen. These, however, are a few of the most resilient and creative people on earth. Whatever the brand new normal becomes, small-business owners will be at the forefront of shaping life as we realize it. To greatly help stoke those masters of ingenuity, here are a few current trends I believe will hang in there.

I meet many entrepreneurs with a genuine passion because of their new idea, but unfortunately they don’t all recognize that passion is necessary however, not sufficient fuel to carefully turn their idea right into a successful business. The effect is that much too few excellent innovations ever get implemented — or last greater than a moment available on the market.

6 Signs YOU AREN’T Ready for Entrepreneurship

To start with, passion should be surrounded by a bunch of other personal attributes essential to survive the rigors of the long, hard journey to success. Included in these are confidence, commitment and a determination to achieve success. In addition, you will find a key group of execution principles that consistently separate the wannabe entrepreneurs from the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world.

The startup lifestyle may be stressful and challenging, but it’s also designed to be satisfying and fulfilling, with you as the entrepreneur in charge of your own destiny. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always workout that way, predicated on my a long time of experience with entrepreneurs and advising startups. The business enterprise can be successful, as the entrepreneur feels like failing.

For example, I understand one highly driven startup founder whose business keeps growing at an acceptable pace, however the entrepreneur regrets the toll it has extracted from his family, his health, and his capability to relax and revel in the fruits of his labor. I understand several other CEOs which were pushed out of their own successful companies by investors, leaving them feeling like failures.

The amount doesn’t hurt, but it isn’t why is or breaks successful companies.

For a long time, experts and business leaders have debated why is a good entrepreneur more lucrative than her or his peers. Recently, the conversation has often centered on the educational attainment of the entrepreneur involved, with many arguing rather persuasively an MBA is necessary if you wish to strike from your own and begin a thriving small company that could 1 day evolve into a global corporate empire.

AMC put the kibosh overall concept of texting-friendly concert halls in a statement posted on the AMC Theatres Facebook page.

AMC Entertainment Adam Aron wrote within an open letter, "Unlike many AMC advancements which you have applauded, we’ve heard you loud and clear that is an idea our audience will not want. In this age of social media, we get feedback easily and therefore, we are constantly listening. Accordingly, just as instantaneously that is an idea we’ve relegated to the cutting room floor."

One feature for smartphones and cellular devices may be the resolution of the screen. The bigger the resolution, the richer the image being displayed. A high-resolution display will come in handy for entrepreneurs on-the-go, if they have to review projects on the phones or share creative materials with clients while on the highway.

But at what point does an excessive amount of resolution become, well, an excessive amount of? For instance, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo recently launched its new flagship smartphone — the Find 7. These devices includes a ridiculously high-resolution “2K” display.